Oh, the pleasure!

Now, I know what you are thinking, but no, not that kind of pleasure. The pleasure of driving a car I am talking about here. Wroooooom!


About a month ago I started driving classes and, oh, God, the surprise!, it was so fucking awesome! It gives you such freedom that you cannot imagine.

Many women are believed to be driving out of necessity, rather than for pleasure, but I don’t think this is true in my case. I realised (fuck you spell-checker, I won’t write “realise” with a “Z”) that I now have the unique opportunity to release myself from the dependence of others, the dependence from my brother over the past three… four months, and the dependence from my mother over the past… I won’t tell for how many years, I am ashamed. Really. If Mom didn’t flew to Spain in January, I would have probably still be dependent of her. She would have still been driving me around… Ain’t that a shame?

I remember last year, when Mom sold some land and me and my brother got some cash out of it. Bro did the right thing – paid for his drivers license and bought a car along with some other useful stuff. And what did I do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It didn’t even occurred to me to think in that direction. Probably had to. But I bought two pairs of Converses and it was working for me… What? They are extremely valuable to me! All four pairs!

Now, next week I have a few more practice drives and I am done. There is still the internal practice exam, but hey, I am an optimist! Already took the theory exam without mistakes and the external exam is scheduled for the next Friday, 11 April. I do believe that it will go well.

If everything happens as I planned, and stuff often happen as I plan, by the end of the month I will have the pleasure to drive myself to Grandma and Grandpa in the countryside. I have the car, just not the license. You know, most people actually have the license, but not the car. I am almost there and I am terribly proud of myself.

And you know what? This year, I am not going to a vacation with the bus!




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